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True Love Quotes With Images From Thirukural

Here is some thirukural couplet meaning which is the best true love quotes with images.

Book Name: Thirukural 
Chapter: The Possession of Love 

Couplet Meaning: 71 / 1330

Does love have a closing latch? ( Door to hide behind )
No, Tears in your eyes when you see the suffering of someone you love will show your affection clearly to others.

Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Couplet transliteration (Tamil to english): 71 / 1330
anpiRkum uNdoa adaikkundhaazh aarvalar
pun-kaNeer poosal tharum.

Couplet Meaning: 72 / 1330

The unloving one says that everything belongs to him.
But The one who possesses love will say, my life belongs to others.

Couplet transliteration (Tamil to english): 72 / 1330
anpilaar ellaam thamakkuriyar anputaiyaar
enpum uriyar piRarkku.

Couplet Meaning: 73 / 1330

The most precious soul and body relationship is the benefit of living a life of love.

Couplet transliteration (Tamil to English): 73 / 1330

anpoadu iyaindha vazhakkenpa aaruyirkku
enpoatu iyaindha thodarpu.

Couplet Meaning: 74 / 1330

The love of a family or a relationship will make you want to have a relationship with the world. It gives everyone the greatest gift of what is called friendship.

love quotes

love quotes

Couplet transliteration (Tamil to English): 74 / 1330
anpu eenum aarvam udaimai adhueenum
naNpu ennum naadaach chiRappu.

Couplet Meaning: 75 / 1330

A person who lives a happy life in this world achieves it only because of a pure loving life.


Couplet transliteration (Tamil to English): 75 / 1330
anputru amarndha vazhakkenpa vaiyakaththu
iputraar eidhum chiRappu.

Couplet Meaning:76 / 1330
Only those who do not know the depth of love will say that love is only for charitable deeds,
But love is the companion to heroism.
love hero
Couplet transliteration (Tamil to English): 76 / 1330
aRaththiRkae anpusaar penpa aRiyaar
maRaththiRkum aqdhae thuNai

Couplet Meaning: 77/ 1330

Like a worm living in a boneless body drying in the sun,
Virtue will burn unloving one.
Couplet transliteration (Tamil to English): 77/ 1330
enbi ladhanai veyilpoalak kaayumae
anpi ladhanai aRam.

Couplet Meaning: 78/ 1330
Life without love in mind is like a tree sprouting in the heat of dry milky land.
Life without love
Couplet transliteration (Tamil to english): 78 / 1330
anbakath thillaa uyirvaazhkkai vanpaaRkaN
vatral marandhaLirth thatru.

Couplet Meaning: 79/ 1330

The external organs are harmful to the internal organs of the body to the unloving.
Couplet transliteration (Tamil to English): 79 / 1330
puRaththuRup pellaam evanseyyum yaakkai
akaththuRuppu anpi lavarkku.

Couplet Meaning: 80 / 1330

Only a body with love consider as a living soul, and if not love, It is only skin wrapped around a bone.

Couplet transliteration (Tamil to English): 80 / 1330
anbin vazhiyadhu uyir-nilai aqdhilaarkku
enpudhoal poarththa udampu

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