How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


We miss the most precious living moments of our lives deep in the word worry or anxiety. In this post, we are going to see some simple ideas to stop worrying and start living.

We cannot find a person in this whole world who cannot be without worrying about anything. That is human nature.



But you can show concern only where it is needed. Of course, not just worry about it. You have to look for solutions to those worries.



Worry that concerned about

concerned about you

That is reasonable if your worries are concerned about yourself or your actions. Only worrying will not change anything. Instead, you have to think more deeply and try to find a solution.

concerned about others

That is unnecessary if you are concerned about others or their actions. Even if they are your family, it is their life. Nothing but you can only support their decision. Your worry will not change anything but aggravate the problem of anxiety.



Source of worry

Death-related worry

Many friends are battling with ages, diseases, and viruses. The only thing such people need to remember is that this one day is for us. It is given to us to spread our happiness to this world. Death may be postponed and may not even happen. Not kill your present for it while you are still alive.

Worry about money and savings

Our needs and the money we have will never stand on an equal scale. Needs gradually increase with the money we earn. To escape from this, You have to formalize and simplify your needs in a wise way.

Work-based worry

If you find that you are not good enough for a job, do not bother putting yourself in it. We work to live a good life. But Work is not only our life.

Do your favorite job Or Learn your favorite and make it your profession.

Retirement based worry

No one can impose retirement on us until we give ourselves the status.
We can do whatever we want until we die. So do not kill Present life for future peace and happiness. Tomorrow is uncertain.

Be realistic about your saving. Life will move on even after retirement. You have to believe in yourself.

Relationship-based Worry

FAFFS Method is enough to fix any relationship-related worries.


  • Be Forthright
  • Find also the good in others
  • Appreciate everyone whole heartily
  • Forgive you and others
  • Show love and care

Do not forget to show your love only who deserve it. You can make a lot of friends. Accept People and do good things with good people.

Concern based on the opinions of others

It is the most unnecessary and worst worry of all. This anxiety will not let us move forward at all and Annihilating our lives. Love yourself more than others.

Listen to your needs and opinions. Self-love is what the important.

Health-related worry

This anxiety will come to those who are more responsible or more desireful. Health is a blessing. Many people are not getting it.

But many people are spoiling it by themselves.
Healthy eating and healthy habits are all we need to get out of this worry.

Worry is a Habit

If your nature is to think and talk negatively about whatever you do. You have to change your habits a little bit.

There is a lot of good habits out there. Why are you sticking with this boring one?

Anxiety about the future

It is a common concern for all of us. Many of us miss the most precious today for fear of the future. We forget that even a minute lost like that cannot be bought by us. We have no idea what the future holds for us. It may be as bad as we worry. Otherwise, it may be fine.

We have to think positively and hope for the best.

Worry about a past event

Just worrying about an action on the past is equal to killing your present and the future together.

  • Have mercy on yourself first
  • Believe that you deserve a better life than this
  • Give yourself the gift of forgiveness.

It is the moment where Self Love is most needed.



Effect of worry

Happen in the future and under Control

If the effect of worry is likely to come in the future, first think about whether you can change it now.

  • Think about the possible solutions.
  • Find one most suitable solution from them.
  • Activate it.

Most importantly, think about what the worst consequences are and be prepared to face them. By doing so, You get the courage to face it in the future.

Happen in the future and uncontrollable

It is a waste of time to think about things that are out of your hands.
If the result of such anxiety is still suffering you today, put your trust in yourself. You have to pay more attention to new things and get rid of those unnecessary worries completely.

Already happened

If you’ve already experienced the effects of anxiety, do not worry about it and think of the experience you gained from it as your best life lesson. There are many things you can do in your life. Let those things refresh your mind and body.

Life is to live.

Problems and worries will come and go but do not forget to live.

Live happily with self-confidence.











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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

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