Self care sunday

Self-care Sunday

Self-care day is a vitally important thing in this urgent life. But We ​​forget the importance of self-care. We are busy living our lives in a usual way. It is not only us who suffer from this forgetfulness but also those around us and those who love us, even those we love the most. Taking care of ourselves in our hectic lives is a little challenging, But it will be easier if you make it a habit. It will pay off if Self Care is applied on Sunday Because Sunday is considered an important holiday.

It doesn’t matter if it is a day other than Sunday. Choose a suitable day of rest for yourself. We turn that rest day into a great Self Care Day.

Morning WakeupSleep tight

Don’t rush yourself on your rest day with those alarms. Just wake up when you want to, when you had enough sleep or when you want to start your rest day. Just believe that you can manage the day well even after waking up late. We have plenty of time to do all the chores because it’s a rest day.

A cup with whole hearts

What do you like to have in the morning after you wake up? It’s a cup of tea or a coffee, hmm maybe it’s a cup of fresh juice or a green tea. Do you think that you have enjoyed that cup or only drink that? It’s all about time that we are giving for ourselves and our wishes. So you have to enjoy from first to the last sip of your morning rest day cup and remember it must be a healthy drink which will give you more energy to enjoy your rest day.

Simple breakfast

Choose a quick and easy breakfast. Flameless cooking is the best option for breakfast. Cooking without flame will save you time. And Of course, we can make it a very healthy breakfast. We can try making bread and jam, fruit salad, vegetable salad with a glass of juice. And Don’t forget to make a menu of no cooking recipes according to your taste and your family’s taste.

Fun walking and exercise

Physical exercise is the best way to spend time as a family in a healthy and fun way. Fun walks will increase your bonding with your family members, especially with your kids. Trust me, This will help you know more about them. Fun cardio exercise, aerobic, dance are the better choices too. These will give you a lot of freshness to your body and soul. Spending this kind of fun time with children and elders at home will change our life full of utmost peace and happiness.

Beauty Self Care

It is the most important one. Beautifying ourselves gives us a sense of self-worth. So please do not forget to do the following on your Self-Care day.

  • Give a gentle massage to your hair with the essential oils. You can put on a hair pack too.
  • Cut out unwanted nails and do a manicure and pedicure at home.
  • Prepare and apply your Cleanser, Scrub and Face Mask with home ingredients.
  •  Take your time for a relaxing bath. Don’t be hurry.

Avoid Using Mobile

You can avoid using your mobile and do your favorite things instead

  • Write anything you wish in your diary
  • Make or bake your favorite food
  • Go for a shopping
  • Read your favorite book
  • watch your favorite movie
  • Play outdoor With Kids
  • or you can clean your room

Do Whatever you love to do.

Do what you love no matter what

Share the household chores

Share your work with your family members. You can add more fun to your work. Sing or listen to music or play word games while doing work. Doing so will not only speed up your work but also refresh you. In the end, you and your family enjoy it very much.

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