The mobile phone is the third hand of all of us today. That is undeniable. The main reason for the over usage of phones is social media. Such media create to share information and to express ideas and opinions. But now it is going differently. We are living a false life without knowing ourselves on such media. Of course, We have to stop social media addiction. It is a must to take control of our time on social media. Here are some tips to help us to stop social media addiction. 

Delete your uninterested account 

Delete social networking sites that you are not interested in doing.

You do not have to be on a social networking site to have a clean slate because everyone has an account. Your life is yours. Do whatever you are interested in doing. We do not live only to see what others do for their passion. It is okay to be stand out in the crowd. Be bold and say that I do not have an account on social media because I am not interested. 

Do not just scroll through social media

Nowadays, people open their social media account and start scrolling down and down to find out something they like will come without knowing what they want really. And killing time like this without getting anything is quite ridiculous. We have to spend our time only figuring out what we need. We can not buy a second of time in our life.

Use phone as a Radio

You can use your mobile phone as a radio. By doing this, we can reduce your screen time. Podcast, Pocket FM, and Audible applications can help you reduce your screen time. It also limits the addiction to social media. Use these applications to give your eyes a little rest. Because your eyes are the most affected by the over usage of the phone.

Kill boredom in a good way

It is in moments of boredom that we use social websites the most. So let us do our favorite and necessary things in our free time instead of wasting our time on social media.

We have to find out how to spend a free day in a good way. We can create a self-care day to-do list too. 

Avoid texting “immediately”

Avoid texting and opt for phone calls instead. By doing this, you do not have to wait for hours on a social media site for a return message. And It helps you to resolve urgent matters in a short time. Do not urge yourself to reply to the messages you got on social media. You do not have to be active always on social media. Take your time.  

Put a full stop to social media false life  

Do not live a false life on social media. By doing this, you will only get stress. Good friends are those who accept you as you are. Likewise, be true to others. Stop putting sweet statuses for special ones only on social media. But in reality, all you do for them is getting angry. Be nice to them. Do not wish someone dear on their special day on social media. Instead, go and greet them in person. Many of us failed to do this. 

Do not bother about others view on you 

Do not wait for the likes and comments for the photo you posted. They never determine who you are. How you look in the eyes of others is an unnecessary one. You have to be original, bold, and accept yourselves. Being you is the most important one. Love yourself and spread the love for those who qualify.

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How to stop social media addiction

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