Soap: -

Use moisturizing soaps with ingredients such as glycerin and plant-based oils. If you have oily skin or acne, use a cleanser containing Salicylic acid, which removes dead cells from skin or benzoyl peroxide.

Eat well: -

What you eat also affects your face. Usually in summer you should not eat spices, oily and masala foods or not any other junk and fast foods that will effect on your digestion system. And the heat or unhealthy foods in your stomach gives rises of pimples in the face. Recommend you to eat healthy and lite foods during the summer.

Drink water: -

Water keeps your body cool and prevents from dehydration. Every doctor or skin specialist will suggest you to drink more and more water and atleast 2 to 3 litres(4.4lbs to 6.6lbs) daily .

Hydrate your skin: -

For a healthy and glowing skin, you must take care of your skin, what you eat, how you take care of your body. Avoid going outside in heat, The UV rays of sun will affect you skin and may cause burn.

Don’t touch your acne or pimples: -

Usually during periods or in the time of acne or pimples on the face. More people tend to touch or try to remove acne or pimples. These will lead to increase in more acne or pimples on your face. Because when you touch with your unwashed hand the germs affect it. Thus it causes more pimples on face. Recommending you to always wash your face with clean water and keep your face clean and healthy.

Do exercise: -

Daily exercise gives boost to your health, and keeps you physically fit. This motivate you and makes you feel active and strong. By daily exercise you will feel better. Many women don't do exercise and this becomes weakness of their health.

Be healthy: -

we have heard that "Health is a wealth". health is the part of your life, better the health, longer you live and this will keep you more active and fit.

Don’t use lots of cosmetics: -

The use of chemical cosmetics with lots of ingredients will surely harm your face. You must be precautioned to use such products. keep your look simple and elegant with the use of less cosmetics.Use branded cosmetics that are better for your skin.

Use sunscreen, body lotion, and night cream: -

You can also use body lotion, night cream, and sunscreen to enhance beauty of your skin and protects them with other skin problems. Habitual use of these products will enhance your beauty.

Walk after a meal: -

After a meal, digestion is necessary for the health. Walking after a meal is good and necessary habit for your health , because it increases the speed of digestion process.

Use Aloe-Vera and rose water for skin: -

Aloe-Vera and rose water is purely natural things for a skin. The natural material won’t have any side effects. Even Aloe-Vera and rose water is the purest and perfect things to use for a skin.

Use herbal shampoos: -

Herbal shampoos consist of mainly natural and pure ingredients that help for the better hair growth and prevent hair-falls, dandruff such problems. Instead of using any other products or brand of shampoos always prefer herbal and natural shampoos.

Use natural deodrant: -

Many deodorants have effective chemical in the form of liquid as well in gaseous state. While it produces fragrance in your body, the hazardous chemical get in the touch with your body and these can affect your skin. So kindly go for a natural deodorant which keep your skin safe.

Walk bare feet on grass: -

By walking bare feet on grass, Feet and Toes become strong. It also boosts the core of leg’s and also increases estrogen level

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