Hello teenagers, the topic is that success is not all about studies. Yes you read right? Many people think that study and getting high qualification degrees are the title of success. NO! There are many extra-curricular activities you can do such as dancing, singing, acting, cooking or any other profession you might be like the most. From that passion you can attempt greatness in your life and mainly you will satisfy entire life. Although education is the part of your life, It is significant that your Passion, Dreams or any Other goal or activities you most like to do them also.

After your 10th and 12th exams you get too much time to be free. So you have to utilize the time. Plan your summer vacation, enhance your activities.

Do it in regular basis. We have a great example of Mr. Sachin Tendulkar. He was not good at all in studies and perhaps his interest was in cricket he started practicing and let them know parents that the cricket will be worth-full in his future life.

The choosing of cricket as a career was hard to decide. But he believes in himself. And now we all know the results. Guys surely you have to know your talents and skills, if you are very good in an education that’s very good. Keep going. If you don’t like studies, Choose a well and perfect career for you that’s will worth you entire life for you and your parents also. Playing sports, dancing or cooking as a profession can be the also the success. We almost relate any success with studies. Study is a part of life. Not a life. We can do anything in this world, If we have a proper attention to do it. In today’s rush world many students who have degree but don’t have jobs or work to do. Many peoples have job nut not satisfied with their life. although they earn more. Money cannot give you always satisfaction this thing you have to accept. Do what you like, want something from your life, Weather in any profession. As in the age of teen you have the time to do the things well. Please do not mitigate the time of teenage. This is most crucial and effective time for growth and to think and work on the dreams. I recommend you to think and take action on your goals or dreams, in this summer. Make a plan and daily schedule what actions you need to do daily that will reach one step ahead daily towards your goal. Most of teenagers waste their time in socials Medias and none have any plan to do something. These won’t affect you today but later you will regret of those things. Teenage is the time where you are independent and free. You don’t have pressure to earn or to do household works. You have been provided the entire facilities by your parents and I know you will do it. Because until you have an interest to read this articles that means you want to do something in your life. And surely by reading this you will now make plan, and start working on it, also utilize your vacations.


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