Relationship Means: -

Actually I wanted to ask you question do you know the real meaning of love?. Love is only the thing which does not hurt or distract you. It rejection, loneliness, envy, overthinking, losing someone. These all things get hurt and distract you. So don’t be confused with the Love / Relationships. If you make a reason behind your love to do something great in life. I am sure you will love to do hard things in your life. And remember First love yourself then you will able to love others. In this busy world, find your true love which has meant for you. Find the person who understands, motivate and supports you better. Don’t be in the prison of fake or temporary loves or any time-pass relationship. It will distract and must destroy you. Your mental health is very important. Be Matured, be the real human and spread love and smile with your humanity.

Teenage relationships are complicated, especially because teens don’t think about the long run. Their hearts aren’t old enough to understand the meaning and essence of love, and they just go with the flow which often turns into bitter separation.

Relationships problem and their solution. Is love good for your mental health?? Find also meaning of true love.

Wastage of time: -

In the age of teen, usually they do not give important to their time, In any love most people’s waste their time by chatting, talking long hours on phone, over-thinking on memories or any other situations, put themselves in depression, spends most time in parties, romantic dates, etc.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

You can set your time according to your day schedules, give time but as much you should to be, you have also another work to do like your studies, friends, and family give equivalent more time to them also.

Overthinking: -

In love, overthinking is the common affection in the relationship. They tend to give their time in unusual work. They think more about their existence in future relationship. Overthinking causes depression in life, overthinking can be positive and may be in negative it totally depend on your mind, and usually overthinking get hurts as it need more desire-ness.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

The solution is that simple just you have to think about realistic in nature. What’s happening around you and your current relationship status that’s to be not in future desire? You only have to think about the current nature of your partner. Not more expectation, no more future assumption, etc. If this does then it may call overthinking and that is also a root cause of depression and fake dreams.

Money: -

In love, money also plays side lead role; Many teenagers spent their money on girlfriend/ boyfriend. They think more spends of money give them more respect or higher level image. And also in many cases teenagers love by money how much money he or she have.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

First of all you need to understand that money is not the part of love, because teenagers weight their love by money. How much can I spent on her or his, and in many cases they love by the money background status. But actually if you truly love someone they don’t need this all. Just you have to focus to give respect and love, not on money.

Emotional distraction: -

Usually you heard many times, that love is all about distraction and mostly teenager get hurt emotionally and internally alone/ This emotional pain breaks you mentally. Emotional distraction is common in any relationship. If anything happens then they get emotionally in touch with the situation and circumstances. As a result they start becoming sensitive, anger in mind, rude behavior, late night cry, listening sad/ emotional songs, this creates mental distraction and also cause of overthinking.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

Getting emotional sometimes it’s good, but make sure that it doesn’t affect your mind, which will lead to distraction. You need to mature with your partner and need to be understood totally better and also supports them in their hard times.

Sex: -

Being in relationship is not all about sex. Many teenagers get whelmed in doing sex with his or her partner. Sex is the attraction of outer beauty, attraction towards sex is not love. That’s to be known as Time-pass or usual relationship. Having virginity in teenagers or before the marriage is the priority of your soul and self- respect.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

If you truly love someone then sex desire towards your partner will never come in your mind. If does come sometime might be then this is not you don’t love truly your partner, in an average nearly 60,000 thoughts come daily in every human mind. For all of them we can’t get control over them. Just you don’t have to think related about sex in your relationship and for your loving partner. Relationship needs trust, love and respect.

Looks fear: -

Teenagers are most worried about their looks and personality. They over think about their height, size, skin color, caste and etc. In really that’s should not exist in love.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

you don’t have to change yourself to influence your partner, yes change for a better reason is necessary, enhance daily the best version of yours. The skin color, your height and size that’s doesn’t matter in true love. If someone truly loves you then they will never judge or compare with you to any other person. Perhaps you should always be better yourself.

One-sided love: -

Many teenagers face the problem of one-sided love. If they like or truly love someone then they start doing sacrifices, emotional activities, listening sad songs, depression and overthinking, etc. After giving the proposal if they get reject then emotional pain affects their mental health also. This also causes depression, some in cases they do suicide also.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

At starting of any love, feeling and emotions for him or her first starts with the one-side only. Then after the times he or she knows about feeling which you have for him or her. If he or she also starts feels the same then born of relationship exist. So solution is that simple first you have to understand your partner well, after that wait for the perfect time, impress them, be a kind human and caring for them. But never be ashamed or have a fear to propose or to say your emotions in front of them. Rejection is not a failure in love, just you need to be more matured and better yourself. After the all if you still have one-sided love then now you should move-on. If the person doesn’t have any interest on you, you can’t do anything else. Moving on is harder, but sometimes it will make you strong and changes to be the better of yourself.

Love triangle: -

Love triangle is also seen in the relationship. If you like someone, instead of you he or she like other one, then this tempts to be jealousy, sadness and conflict between the three person. Here is the solution you can fix it: - First you need to understand your partner, or whom he or she loves. If he or she love third person accepts you, then this creates jealousy, disputes between them. Remember! “The heart is not judge by how much you love her, but how much you are loved by her.”

Education: -

Studies mainly affected by this kind of relationship, when all your thinking and concentration is on your partner, then hardly you will give time to your studies and also become least interested in your education.

Here is the solution you can fix it: -

Love happens magically you neither chose to be. But you need to understand that love is not the problem, but the main problem is your distraction towards anything, especially in relationships the studies get distracted. You have to choose your priorities according your needs.


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