Parental tips for their child:-

Teenage is the most difficult phase of a person’s life for themselves and their parents. Teenagers often go through several changes, physically and mentally, and that affects their life in multiple ways. The effect could be either positive or negative and thus, it is the responsibility of the every parent’s, who can see things from a third person perspective, to pull their child through this difficult phase. The parents could also be clueless about how to raise a kid during teenage but they could always look back to their own teenage and many questions will be answered there and then. For the rest, here are the tips that the parents could use:

Be their friend:-

be their friend

Many parents have to understand that being a friend to your kid will be a boon for you not only during their teen years but throughout life. The teen will get into the habit of confiding to you which will make them secure. They will go through difficult times and when they would need a shoulder; your presence will make them feel like they have somebody to fall back upon. It will be very responsive if they are in trouble they will always share their problems and always take a suggestion from you, without getting to others such as friend and any unusual peoples.



Now, communication doesn’t mean the teen telling you things, it has to be a two way conversation. If they are telling you things they expect you to tell them about your worries and secrets too. This will make them feel important and grown up. Kids love to feel grown up and you will be the reason behind that confidence. The best bond between a parent and a teenager can be established through communication. Your behavior and your talking languages influences more on a teenager

Push them to do what they like:-

Many parents give/ owe their child a selective fixed profession without knowing his/ her dreams and desires. You need to understand about your child’s skill and interest. If you know any of them then try to enhance their skill and motivate them. They like to hear that, they are talented and are capable of making their parents proud. This will help them in owning a skill and they will become better at what they really like doing. Always push them to do what they like, in the field of their talent and what they love to do. Support them with appropriate guidance and feedback

Let them figure things out for themselves:-

figure out for themselves

Nobody is telling you to just leave them but it is necessary that you give them their space. You know that eventually they will come to you, but they should also get into the habit of trying and solving problems on their own. Once they do it, they will feel proud and a there will be a renewed confidence and independence in the child, then surely they will find their own path and can solve the problem in a difficult situation also. The parent’s responsibility is not only to be there for the teen but also to make the teen independent.

Highlight the positive:-

Teenagers are also humans and humans tends to make mistakes. Talk to them, correct them when they are wrong. Show them that they do a lot of things correctly too, motivate them to take correct decision next time, show them that they are trust worthy. If any child does anything wrong don’t punish them, always teach them how to not repeat his/her mistake again. Bring out the positive-ness in them. These will make a difference.

Tell them the rules: -

Life has certain rules, the older people know and it is their duty to teach it to their kids. The kids obviously know that they are still clueless about a lot of things and they won’t mind it if you teach them in a friendly manner. Show the teen that you’re on his/ her side and they will be more than interested in a discussion. They are in the learning age told them about your experiences and the proper rules they need to follow in their life.

" Perhaps Parenting is not the easiest thing on Earth, but there are certain things that help you get through smoothly. Your kids will absolutely love and adore you if you treat them like a grown up and a sensible person. Teens are always looking for friends and proper support and finding that in you will be the best for your family. "


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