Yes! You are not a loser. Loser is what who give ups. What happens you have just failed now to attempt the goal? Remember! Nobody is perfect in this world; if you had done any mistakes forget it and move on. And always try to be better yourself. Losing something is the part of nature. But losing your hope, desire-ness and passion towards your dreams and goals is a Losing loser. Many people’s after failure or losing something they starts demotivating, blaming others even themselves also, it causes depression and also affects your mental health. However the hard situation is you should not give up. Remember it just a bad day not a bad life. Many are the successful person who is now on the top list billionaires; once a time they also suffer from lots of setbacks, rejection. They had been also fails many times, they also loses. but they never give-up on their dreams and their goals. You should likely to know that every winner is once a loser; who tried once more time. In simple words you have to constantly keep going after your dreams. The day you give up that day the loser of a journey will start. And I know after reading this you will Set a goal and better plan and take action daily on them. Most successful peoples are Readers and learner. In the daily basis you should learn and read with books, audio-books, or any other medium. Loser is always an experience taker; if you fail you will get an experience. After that you must try for the better, and surely your day will also come. Life is all about Loving, Living, learning. Make a better version of yourself. The power within is that enough to change the world. Just you need to find out your solutions and goals. If fails 100 times be prepare to stand more than the 200 times. The day you struggle now is the day you are making comfortable in future. Learn the basic values of life, and then you will come up to know how precious your life is! Motivation is very necessary in the times of setbacks and failures; it boosts your mind and fires your mind to do something now. You are born with a gift just find the purpose of your life. Make something Hard reason behind your goals, your next day of living. Find or make the Reasons and damn sure then you will love it do. Ask yourself? What you need and what you want from the life.

“Here are the some of the Quotes that will motivate you and inspire you.”

1. You have to always dedicate towards your aim.

2. If you don’t find the road, just fly on it. As like is if you doesn’t find solution let it be keep going but do not give up, FLY HIGH.

3. The struggle of your father and mother should inspire you the most.

4. Failure is the part of success. Take the experience and stand-up with the best version of yours.

5. If you don’t do now, then be prepared to punish yourself in future.

6. I know you will for it for yourself, for your parents and for your love.

7. You don’t have to punish yourself. You always have to teach yourself.

8. Your action must be greater than your goal.