Relationship goals

Are you in love do’s & don’ts that you should apply on your relationship to be very good and true for you. There are some do's and don’ts which you would love to know and follow. Well, if you are serious about your relationship and you want to give in your best,

“Do’s are what enhances relationships. Don’ts are what kill relationships.”


• Be loyal to your partner: -

In any relationships, loyalty shows how much you are honest and real with your loving partner. By loyal to your partner increases faith, honesty. Creates positive vibe in your relationship.

• Trust and believe in them: -

Trust is what you blindly accept and believe is that you know he or she will be right however the situation may be. Trust and believe-ness shows how you both understand each other deeply. This influences better faith in relations.

• Understanding: -

Understanding between you and your partner is very significant to communicate a better conversation daily. understand them better, if no one can. If understanding does not occur then this creates break-up in any relation.

• Do give each other space when you need it: -

Having relationship is not all about to be with them every single time. You both need space sometime for a while. If he wants to go for parties with their friends then that’s to be ok, and if she wants to go and hangout with their friends then that well and good it much needed space.

• Do help them to achieve their goals: -

Having a relationship, your partner goals and dreams is also a responsibility for you to help them achieve their goal. You need to constantly guide, motivate and support them in every situation of life. If this does then they will feel about your presence of existence in their life.

• Do build relationships with their family: -

Building a better relation with your partner is as much necessary to their families also. These create strong relation touch with the family as well for your partner also. In future family will be the part of your life. So it’s better to make a healthy and trustful relation with their families.

• Do tell them you love them every day: -

Comparing of the first day of your date love should not be decreased by the day. The day you love with the first day that should be presence entire the life. Do tell them and make it feel them you love them truly. Say everyday these three words I love you it will make a better feelings to he or she.


• Don’t stop surprising them: -

From the day of first date when you has been surprise your partner with gifts, and other surprise’s. Never stop that surprise moments in the future time also. Go with that place when you first meet, eat the same food which you had in a dinner on your first date. This will re-memorized your memories and the promise of love to be made strong.

• Don’t allow jealousy or insecurities to overcome you: -

yes jealousy and insecurity is an initial cause of break-up. Make them understand better and never have an ego or attitude in your relationships.

• Don’t try and change them. : -

Don’t have a mistake to change them. As you love from the starting day you should be dedicated towards their likes and dislikes. Perhaps note them to be better daily.

• Don’t put them down: -

Never let them down in any of the situation. His or her respect is on the hands of you. Keep safe and privately.

• Don’t hold your past against them: -

Don’t be get remain in the past, His or Her past should forget it now, and don’t compare it from present. Support and Make them try to better themself day by day.

• Don’t break their heart. : -

In any of the relationships, your loving partner always need your support in hard times, He or She truly loves you, never break their promises you had committed. If heartbroken then trust on you will be lost for forever.

• Don’t disrespect them: -

Respect is the key of all locks relationship. In a love respect plays important role, you both have to respect each other. This creates more love between you and her, and more positive feelings towards your partner. Respect them and truly love be with them.